Phone Medic Hawaii Review

Phone Medic Honolulu Hawaii Review

Every now and then, your good old phone can experience some glitches or worse, it can suffer from some serious damages that you cannot fix with your own two hands. When this happens, you will need to look for a reliable phone repair service provider that will not just bring back your phone to its original condition but at the same time, will take care of it as if it is their own. But right now, finding such service can be tricky, what will all the different providers that claim to be good in what they do but are never able to live up to their promises. Good thing that Phone Medic Hawaii doesn’t belong to this group because with them, you can only expect for an honest and awesome service that boasts of remarkable integrity.  Continue reading “Phone Medic Hawaii Review”

Costco Iwilei Review

Costco Iwilei, Hawaii Review

Everyone has been to a costco at least once in their lifetime, whether it was by themselves or with someone who had a membership there. Now if you are one of those people who unfortunately have not had the pleasure or would like to in the future, let me tell you its worth the $50.00/year.

Costco Wholesale is exactly what it claims to be. They are a wholesale company that buys items and products in bulk from produce, meats, home essentials, etc. So if you did the math if you were to buy a twenty pack of gum at costco, it would be more cost effective than buying the same twenty packs from a regular grocery store which would probably cost you double. This type of store is geared more towards businesses for they offer resale prices and also have a special membership for businesses as well.

I am writing this review because as much as companies try to make them all the same, they are never made the same. I love costco but this certain costco needed a standing novation.  Continue reading “Costco Iwilei Review”