Luxury Party Bus Hawaii Review

Listen, if you ever come to Hawaii with a large group (or if you live in Hawaii) and want to cruise the island or even need transportation, Luxury Party Bus Hawaii is an experience on wheels!

Hawaii is beautiful on it’s own and provides a one-of-a-kind tropical experience to relax and enjoy. But, if you want to multiply your experience, cruise, and party around the island, Luxury Party Bus Hawaii will provide that for you and your group.

They are an exclusive Oahu party bus company and services the entire island of Oahu. They offer a wide variety of services for your transportation and party on wheels needs. From airport transfers, prom events, weddings, nights on the town, bar hopping, club hopping, to around the island cruises, island tours, and more. Continue reading “Luxury Party Bus Hawaii Review”

Phone Medic Hawaii Review

Phone Medic Honolulu Hawaii Review

Every now and then, your good old phone can experience some glitches or worse, it can suffer from some serious damages that you cannot fix with your own two hands. When this happens, you will need to look for a reliable phone repair service provider that will not just bring back your phone to its original condition but at the same time, will take care of it as if it is their own. But right now, finding such service can be tricky, what will all the different providers that claim to be good in what they do but are never able to live up to their promises. Good thing that Phone Medic Hawaii doesn’t belong to this group because with them, you can only expect for an honest and awesome service that boasts of remarkable integrity.  Continue reading “Phone Medic Hawaii Review”

Reliable Mobile Mechanic Hawaii Review

Reliable Mobile Mechanic Honolulu, Hawaii

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some reviews. It’s because my car has been giving me some trouble. *Sad Face*. It has been overheating and when I popped my hood open, coolant was dripping from a hose of my 2003 Kia Sorento. I had to fill coolant in every so often. But that drip turned into a stream and my car was near inoperable. So, I’ve been stressed, like a surfer caught in a seemingly never ending ocean current.

I don’t know much of anything when it comes to repairing/maintaining cars. I leave it to the professionals. But, I am also hesitant to take my car to a repair shop because I don;t want to get ripped off! It’s unfortunate that repair shops and auto mechanics have that already set stereotype of being a “crook”, but it’s there. Let’s be realistic though, not all mechanics are out to rip you off and I’ve found the perfect mechanic to prove that.

In search of a reputable auto repair shop I came across Reliable Mobile Mechanic’s website. It never crossed my mind to look for a mobile mechanic, but I thought it would make sense in the car situation that I was in for a mechanic to come to me rather than me having to risk driving and getting stalled or having dish out more money to tow my car to a car repair shop. Continue reading “Reliable Mobile Mechanic Hawaii Review”

Cosmic Beauty Review

Cosmic Beauty Kapolei Review

Cosmic Beauty in Kapolei, Hawaii

Made arrangements for my cousins and I to have a Spa Day together. She was finally visiting us from San Fransisco. She is always busy with school so I thought to myself, ”What’s better than spending time together and getting pampered at the same time?”

A spa day it was! We were so excited! We went ahead and booked our manicure, pedicure, and eyebrows. The staff were very accommodating and booked us so that we did everything  together. Very pleasant!

The service surprised me. I had the pleasure to meet the owner quite awhile back and he and his wife actually own Trina’s Beauty Salon in Aiea. If you’ve been to their other location you’d understand when I say its a whole new place. They modernized everything including their equipment and services.  Continue reading “Cosmic Beauty Review”