Cosmic Beauty Review

Cosmic Beauty Kapolei Review

Cosmic Beauty in Kapolei, Hawaii

Made arrangements for my cousins and I to have a Spa Day together. She was finally visiting us from San Fransisco. She is always busy with school so I thought to myself, ”What’s better than spending time together and getting pampered at the same time?”

A spa day it was! We were so excited! We went ahead and booked our manicure, pedicure, and eyebrows. The staff were very accommodating and booked us so that we did everything  together. Very pleasant!

The service surprised me. I had the pleasure to meet the owner quite awhile back and he and his wife actually own Trina’s Beauty Salon in Aiea. If you’ve been to their other location you’d understand when I say its a whole new place. They modernized everything including their equipment and services. 

We did our eyebrows in a private room. Richie was quick and made us feel very comfortable. After that we went to the back room to find our pedicure chairs hot, bubbly, and waiting for us. The massage is heavenly! The basic pedicure comes with all the essentials but also with a scrub and a foot mask that they leave on your feet for awhile with a hot steamy towel. (Which is my absolute favorite part!)

I got a full set with Resin. My cousin did a regular manicure with gel polish. This is another reason why I love this place. They use products that are good for your nails. So this is  one nail salon you will walk into and it smells fresh and clean. NOT like a nail salon. My nails can easily last 3-4 weeks and still look shiny. They will probably just look grown out. Great service though every time.

Before I end this review I have to add one more thing which makes this place a one stop shop. My cousin had african american hair. If you anything about this hair type, its actually very difficult to find a good hair stylist. We walked out of the backroom after completing our nails to pay our bill and in the front is a barber area. Low and behold they do African american hair! My cousin was ecstatic and we asked to be booked with someone right away.

To sum up my review, they have many services for everyone from barbers, stylists, waxers, and nail technicians. They service is unlike any other place I’ve been. (They even ask you if you’d like a beverage.) To top it all off, their prices are fair. They aren’t charging ridiculous amounts for their services, but they could if they wanted to. They are simply killing competition right now. Thank you all at Cosmic Beauty, for being my place of beauty!

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