Costco Iwilei Review

Costco Iwilei, Hawaii Review

Everyone has been to a costco at least once in their lifetime, whether it was by themselves or with someone who had a membership there. Now if you are one of those people who unfortunately have not had the pleasure or would like to in the future, let me tell you its worth the $50.00/year.

Costco Wholesale is exactly what it claims to be. They are a wholesale company that buys items and products in bulk from produce, meats, home essentials, etc. So if you did the math if you were to buy a twenty pack of gum at costco, it would be more cost effective than buying the same twenty packs from a regular grocery store which would probably cost you double. This type of store is geared more towards businesses for they offer resale prices and also have a special membership for businesses as well.

I am writing this review because as much as companies try to make them all the same, they are never made the same. I love costco but this certain costco needed a standing novation.  In a situation where nothing was obligated to them, they did something so purely out of just good. Their actions had surpassed our expectation immensely. Let me tell you my story.

My family and I were desperately looking for the perfect sectional sofa. We are the type of family that will search all of the furniture stores on the island just to see our options and to compare prices. We just moved and we needed to buy a couch to put in our bare and nearly naked household. We seared high and low until we saw the Brown, 8 Piece Sectional they had at Coscto. We knew we had to get this one and of course it had a great price for its value. But, we took the sofa for granted and thought,

“It will still be here next week…”

By the next week they were all gone! Vanished! Kapolei was sold out. Waipio Costco was wiped clean as well. So here I am, the biggest procrastinator ever, scratching my head, so disappointed. That was the couch that was meant to be in our house. I could imagine it so clearly.  My husband and I both knew it. But then, the lightbulb goes on. My dear husband said one last try is to call Costco in Iwilei. So we did. Heres what they told me,

“Yes, ma’am, we have one left. We can put it on hold for you only but for today only. You will have to pick it up tonight, and we cant promise it will still be here tomorrow. Would you like to come and get it?”

Um. YEAH! We had to work out our schedules so we could borrow a van to pick up this huge eight piece sectional. We quickly figured things out and made it just before they closed. We got in, a few guys helped us to move the eight pieces from the floor to checkout. I feel I should clarify one of these pieces is no piece of cake. It probably take two people per piece. Im feeling great, we have it in our possession though. But its only just the beginning. We go through checkout and they help to push our sectional out to front where we parked the van. Now this is where things get interesting…

The first guy that was assisting us had to leave, family reasons. We totally understand, so we sent him off. We thanked him humbly and looked at our towering sectional wondering how we were gonna pull this off, just me and my husband. Thats when the dream team showed up. Two young gentleman and a young woman asked if we needed assistance and went to work. Literally. We had not planned the pieces to be so large and the van so small where they couldn’t even fit! The worst had just happened. We had such difficulty fitting the pieces. To top it off Costco were closed, and there was no way we could leave it there and come back. The coworkers had asked our helpers a few times if they were gonna leave, you know, because they were done work already. They surprisingly stayed with us to get it the job done. Perspiring and all, the weren’t gonna quit. The were determined to send us home with all of the pieces.

Now after quite awhile of playing Tetris with the huge pieces of our couch we finally fit it in there! Whew! It was a brain buster believe me, we had five of us trying to figure this thing out. It was such a relief to finally be done with it! All thanks to the dream team.

My point to this review is the people that helped us went absolutely above and beyond. They did not have to help at all because their job was closed. But their customer service was superb and they were such humble people. They deserve to get an awesome and lengthy review written about them. Honestly, I’m not sure how we would have done it without them. They were really awesome, the workers at Costco Iwilei. I was helped from the beginning, when I contacted Costco on the phone, to the end, when we sped off squished in the van of eight Tetris pieces. Professionalism, hospitality, & humbleness at its finest!

Now as we arrive home so utterly happy with our sofa, fear strikes again. I ask my husband hesitantly and oh so softly,

“Now… how are we getting these eight pieces up to our place on the second floor….?”

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