Letting The Sand Loose Here In Hawaii

Definition: Sandbagging – To withhold information; to keep someone ignorant.

Hawaii’s sand is not meant to be in a bag! No! It is meant to be let loose for everyone to enjoy.

This little spot on the web will be Hawaii’s most unique review blog for you to preview Hawaii’s attractions, business/service reviews, restaurant reviews, to-do’s, and some of the latest news.

Hawaii is made to be shared and that is one of our purposes here on The Sandbagger. So, the Sandbagger is not really a “sandbagger” at all – quite the opposite.

If you are making your way to Hawaii sometime soon, come here often to preview Hawaii from our straight forward, thought provoking, honest, and unique reviews of Hawaii.

If you are a local, come here often as well for your local reviews and news so that you’ll know what businesses to go to and use.

Enjoy the sand! Aloha!

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