Reliable Mobile Mechanic Hawaii Review

Reliable Mobile Mechanic Honolulu, Hawaii

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some reviews. It’s because my car has been giving me some trouble. *Sad Face*. It has been overheating and when I popped my hood open, coolant was dripping from a hose of my 2003 Kia Sorento. I had to fill coolant in every so often. But that drip turned into a stream and my car was near inoperable. So, I’ve been stressed, like a surfer caught in a seemingly never ending ocean current.

I don’t know much of anything when it comes to repairing/maintaining cars. I leave it to the professionals. But, I am also hesitant to take my car to a repair shop because I don;t want to get ripped off! It’s unfortunate that repair shops and auto mechanics have that already set stereotype of being a “crook”, but it’s there. Let’s be realistic though, not all mechanics are out to rip you off and I’ve found the perfect mechanic to prove that.

In search of a reputable auto repair shop I came across Reliable Mobile Mechanic’s website. It never crossed my mind to look for a mobile mechanic, but I thought it would make sense in the car situation that I was in for a mechanic to come to me rather than me having to risk driving and getting stalled or having dish out more money to tow my car to a car repair shop.

I called them up and Chad, the main mechanic, answered. I told them my situation and heĀ gave me a quick consultation right over the phone call. He told me that it would be a $100 retainer fee for him to come out and diagnose my vehicle. He explained it was for time and travel expenses, which is justified. So, I went ahead and scheduled with him a day and time for him to come over to my residence and repair my poor car.

He was very professional, knowledgable, and informative. He went under my hood, took off a few things and found the leaking hose immediately. He informed me it would just be a simple replacement of the hose and the overheating problem would be fixed

I wanted/needed my car up and running so I told him to do whatever it takes. So he left for a bit to pick up the part from a nearby O’Reilly’s, came back and replaced the hose. As simple as that!

Now, for the daunting part. Almost all of my experiences at an auto repair shop, they always try to up sell me on other services. So, I dreaded that moment to come. But the thing is Chad didn’t try to sell me anything. He just tallied up the total price for me and done deal! My service came out to be $200 for labor, part costs, and travel expenses. Total time for him to get my car repaired was about 2 hours.

I have to say, if you ever have vehicle problems go with a mobile mechanic. This is my first experience with a mobile mechanic so I don’t have a service to directly compare to, but Chad’s service at Reliable Mobile Mechanic was great and I highly recommend it! Not only it was convenient but his service was good, straight up, and professional.

If your car is in a rut, save some time, stress, and money with Chad at Reliable Mobile Mechanic Hawaii! *Happy Face*

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